Baking and getting baked

Well ever since we were little girls all we wanted to do was bake cookies for everyone. I remember I was bored of the easy bake oven pretty quick, the play doe didn’t taste all that well. I wanted to be a real baker who could express my art through my food. I felt that I could make people happy with baked goods. By the time I was 12 years old I was baking most of the thanksgiving dinners, which my mom really appreciated. I noticed they joy that baking gave people at such a young age. Who doesn’t love a homemade pumpkin pie or a fresh batch of cashew butter cookies.

Let’s just say I was invited to every family get together and every single party my friends threw because they knew I would bring the goods. And that means the baked goods and the goods to get you baked if you know what I mean. So in turn I always made people happy. Life is short, my motto is learn to cook, laugh, and get stoned. It makes everything a whole lot easier.

If you want to make any treat extra special all you have to do is make what ever oil you choose to bake with a happy oil if you know what I mean. All you have to do is take 1 oz of “oregano” find ground it into a powder and mix it into 4 cups of olive oil, let it sit on simmer for 3 hours on low heat. Once it is completely dissolved you can add it to your favorite recipe. This should be plenty to get you going. Always check and see how strong your “oregano” is. This is very important you don’t want grandma having too much fun.

As I began to experiment with this I noticed that is really smells up the room so make sure that you are in a friendly neighborhood if you know what I mean. Make sure your next door neighbors like to have as much fun as you, and of course offer them some of your goodies as well. You will want to experiment with how much oil you actually use. You know that every batch is different. And make sure that you use all organic material, it makes all the difference.

I get all of my organic baking supplies online. I use the longevity warehouse, David Wolfe has all the best cacao paste, coconut oil, ghee, coconut flour, and for the most part anything else you really need for baking and it is half the price you will spend at whole foods. You can find some other awesome organic wholesalers out there for sure.

You can find a lot of this stuff in 5 gallon buckets if you want to do a lot of baking and save a lot of money. My friends and I have a little co-op going on. I buy 5 gallons of coconut oil, ghee, cocoa paste, and coconut flour, Melissa buys a 5 gallon bucket of himalayan salt and sugar, and we just trade and save each other a lot of money. Check out my good friends video below to learn as awesome vegan cupcake recipe.