Oil Is Key

Just like everything oils have gone through the old fad wheel. A few years back oils were bad, and so were fats. Oil and fats is what makes you break out and gain weight right. Well not necessarily, and let me explain. Just like with everything there is good and bad. Quality in the end always decides whether you a product is good for you or not. For example, people say sugar is bad for you, well as we know now most sugar is bad for you. It causes a rise in triglycerides which in turn causes a a energy crash or headache, or diabetes depending on how much sugar you are actually consuming. Here is a good rule of thumb if it is white it is most likely bad for you. White sugar, white flour, white bread, cocaine, and well you get the idea.

But sugar is also important, it creates glucose which we need as well to survive, it is another fuel as long as we use it in balance. There is good stress and bad stress, you need some good stress to keep you going throughout the day and to help you make deadlines. An example of bad stress is driving yourself to the airport in rush hour traffic, sweating the whole way, trying to look up your flight information. This was me last year when I flew out of town. This year I thought you know what I don’t need that bad stress. So this year I hired a Lax car service┬áto take all of the bad stress away and it totally worked.

SO like I said before there is good and bad with everything, so with oil it is the same. Canola oil is terrible for you, your body can barely break it down, it doesn’t help that it is genetically modified. The most important thing is that it is organic. If it isn’t then you are just shooting yourself in the foot. Yes it costs a few extra dollars but in the long run you are doing your body some good. Look at CBD oil, it is curing people who have severe epilepsy. First people think MJ is horrible for you and then overnight it becomes legal in all 50 states to cure people of all sorts of things. Oils are extremely healing if they are used in the right way. Essential oils are another great example. The pure organic oil from a lemon peel, or lavender flower have proven to help people heal in a number of ways. So in closing I am just saying do your research before you listen to FOX news.